It give me great pride and pleasure to write about  MARUDHARA GROUP  has successfully crossed various hurdles encountered in the way of its growth .Today the Group has grown in its stature and strength and has become one of the finest Group of Education in the state of  Rajasthan which is dedicated to pursuit of knowledge and excellence.

To respond effectively and creatively to the need of today‘s society, Marudhara Group focuses on education programmed which revolve around equipping our students with such quality of head and heart so that they confidently plunge  into any field of excellence.


The institute has developed excellent, infrastructural facilities with well equipped laboratories and an enriched library, which are updated regularly.
We believe in total personality development through individual student counseling and guidance.

We have continuous integration with industry through training and various projects. We are constantly innovating and never standing still. If these are values you believe in too, you will do well at Marudhara Pvt. ITI, Laxmangarh. If you have the drive and determination, come to Marudhara Pvt. ITI, Laxmangarh and we will help you realize your dreams.